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Wind Protection
Extension and I Beam are winded wire rope to prevent the fan from sliding and falling.

Mortise-tenon connection
The petiole locked with convex-concave device to avoid the blades subject to cutting.

Balance Protection
Four wire ropes are fixed with building traction to prevent the fan from shaking and falling.

Buffer device
The blade and petiole flexible connected ,special rubber absorbs the most vibration.

Anti-falling Ring
Safety ring connects electric unit with hub, forming integration to prevent the shaft falling.

High-strength connection
Each blade fixed with buffer device by 16 rivets.Each rivet can load 1.5Ton shear force.

Self -locking device
Motor tension device(patented design)forms self-locking to fasten the hub and shaft.

Anti-impact blade
0.059'' thickness 5052 aviation aluminum, ensure the blades not fracture when impacted.

Integrated hub
Integrated hub embedded with 5 shaped fasteners to support minimum 11Ton tensile.

Abnormal alarm
The system comes with accident protection.It will automatically alarm and stop work.

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