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Choose a professional fan manufacturer!

Dawangfans has strictly management system. All fans are in accordance with industry standards. All fans are tested before shipment
As a manufacturer, we are also concerned about the safety as our customers. Our patented technologies are specially developed for operation and safety.There has never been safety accident from now.
In order to protect our customers, Dawangfans guarantee  :
1. The unique blade design ensures the fan will not apart or falling when emergency.
2. Patented connection ensures the fan will not falling under any circumstances unless the building collapses.
3. Any non-standard operation will not cause the fan falling.

1. If the failure caused by fan quality under correct storage,transportation,installation,use and maintenance , we provide free warranty service.
2. During the warranty period, if the fan failure or quality problems,we will respond within 24 hours.
3. During the warranty period, when a safety accident occurs due to the fan design, manufacture, installation etc, we will take all responsibilities.
4. After the warranty period,we will charge parts and labor costs  for repair and maintenance.

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