What determines the large industrial fan air volume?
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What determines a large industrial fan air volume? Seen such a title, maybe you think that it must be related to the fan blade speed. The faster speed, the larger air volume. In fact, under the same circumstances, the faster speed, the larger air volume. But the factors affecting the air volume is not only the speed. So, what other factors will affect the industrial ceiling fans air volume ? Please see the following.
In addition to the industrial fans speed, there are actually many factors that affect the industrial ceiling fans air volume.
1.Fan blade diameter
Under the same circumstances, larger fan blades diameters, larger coverage area, and larger air volume.Dawang industrial ceiling fan blade diameters has many specifications for customers to choose. The maximum diameter is 7.3 , meet customers'  various requirements.
2.Blade design
Yes,blade design is also affect the air speed.Most of the fans in the market adopts flat structure,but dawangfans adopts patented variable cross section steamed blade.Consistent with the aerodynamics equal chord length theory,moving from center point to blade tip along the length direction, the blade width gradually narrows (because the linear velocity at this point gradually increased), the width from root to tail is 29.8 ~ 19.2 cm to ensure the air volume from blade root to tip is more uniform along the blade length direction, no hollow in the middle, improving the wind efficiency .
3.Blade angle
The fan blades angle will also affect the air volume. Most of the fan blades on the market are flat. The conical wind flow formed by dawangfans’s unique blade upturned 3 degrees is 30% coverage rate increased. Each fan effective coverage area is 1500 square meters or more.
The airflow formed by fan blades is pushed into the ground in a cone from top to bottom, and flows horizontally to the ground. When encountering the horizontal airflow blocked by the side or adjacent fans, it is pushed up to the roof, thereby enhancing air circulation from all-round, multi-angle and no vacuum angle to eliminate temperature stratification.Circulating air can be quickly exchanged outdoor fresh air to indoors by windows or roof fans, reducing indoor turbid gas and moisture retention, effectively dehumidifying and preventing mildew
In fact, in addition to the above main factors, there are also other secondary factors that affect the industrial fans air volume,let's popular science next time.

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