The safety production conference
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On March 26, 2020, Wuxi Yanqiao Sub-district Enterprise Safety Production Conference was held. The party,the government office,the publicity office, the safety supervision office, the economic and trade center, and the environmental protection office will lead.
The meeting thoroughly studied and implemented General Secretary Xi's important exposition on safety development,implemented the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee, the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, and the District Party Committee and District Government on safety production. Earnestly increase awareness, reimplement responsibilities, and strengthen measures to build a safety development.Hold on to the insurmountable of "development must not sacrifice human life" Guarantee the safety of people's lives and property,make a stable and orderly development environment,
Secretary Zheng said that the purpose of this meeting is to further understand the severity and arduousness of street safety production,continue to compact and consolidate the various responsibility for the safe production. It is determined that March is the "safe production month" of Yanqiao Sub-district every year. This is an important measure for the sub-district to further strengthen the safety production. We must resolutely shoulder the political responsibility for safe production and use strong discipline and hard discipline to grasp safety Production work to ensure that the hidden dangers are rectified "zero loopholes", safety responsibilities "zero gaps", safety issues "zero tolerance", make every effort to ensure the safety of people's lives and property and city operation.
In recent years, our company has improved the safety production responsibility system, formulated safety production assessment methods,promote safety production responsibility through the signing of safety production responsibility certificates, the implementation of safety production risk mortgages, the designated supervision of responsible persons, and the safety production work report.
We actively inherit and promote the fine traditions and successful experiences of safe production management in this industry.We also learn from successful practices. Our company has initially explored a set of safety management.
Safety quality standardization is an important basic work of safety management. In accordance with the national production safety legalization and standardization construction requirements, our company constantly revises and improves the regulations and standards of safety production, gradually establishes and improves the regulations and standards that are suitable for the safety production.
Properly managing safety risk is the key factor to prevent and control the hazards . Our company attaches importance to the combination of risk management theories and methods with safe production practices, insists on starting from the source, comprehensively assessing safety risks through hazard survey, identification, risk assessment and dynamic management and control.
By in-depth development of important areas, vital parts and key Special rectification of work safety will focus on solving outstanding contradictions; Grasp the accident anticipation control, operation process control and key process control, all safety risks in the production and construction process should be prevented.

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