Precautions for using big industrial fans
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With the popularization of big industrial fans in factories and warehouses, due to its energy-saving performance, the application range is more and more wide.
What are the precautions in the use of energy-saving industrial fans?
1. Please be sure the oil mark must be on the designated line before start
2.Please clean the dust before start otherwise easy to short circuit
3.Check the blades, if there is a crack, please replace it in time
4.Please Check the insulation resistance whether damaged
5.Check the fan anti-falling parts,if loosen,please maintenance
6.Check all the components, if there is wear and tear, please replace it in time
7.Check flammable and explosive objects around the fan,If generate the sparks and static electricity, it may cause explosion and fire .

What should do if an abnormal noise occurs during the operation?

The noise of the energy-saving industrial fan during operation is mainly divided into wind, vibration and abnormal sound. Wind noise sounds just wind sound. If there are other noises with the wind sound, then the sound can be determined as abnormal.
The causes of noise are:
1.There is objects inside the bearing or the bearing is deformed, or the bearing is not standardized assembly
2.Uneven winding of the motor causes the loosen
3.Fan blade is deformation
4.The motor is malfunction.
5.Turntable motor is failure
6.There are debris on the raceway.
7.The transformer or magnetron is not fixed well.
8.The transformer or magnetron itself is not qualified.
Daily maintenance is very important, which determines the energy-saving industrial fans life directly.

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