Industrial ceiling fan vs fiberglass horn fan
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Industrial ceiling fan Principle:
The unique airfoil design of the industrial ceiling fan reduces the air resistance to the limit during operation, efficiently converts electrical energy into air kinetic energy, pushes large air from roof to the ground in a cone, forming 0.4-1.3MPH air flow layer. The airflow reaches the ground in the horizontal direction. When it encounters obstacles or parallel airflow, it flows upwards to the roof, thereby forming a large coverage area.In the open space, a industrial ceiling fan can up to 8300ft3/s effective coverage.

Industrial ceiling fan

The airflow layer formed by the industrial ceiling fan is similar to the natural breeze system. When in it, it will feel the three-dimensional wind from all directions, which will evaporate the sweat,cool down41-46℉.Greatly improves human comfort and avoids the health problems caused by traditional high-speed fans. At the same time, industrial ceiling fans can quickly eliminate the moist, odor, and dust, exchange the fresh air,forms a good fresh air system in the factory.

FRP Horn Fan principle:
The FRP horn fan adopts air convection and negative pressure ventilation principle , mechanical kinetic energy to run the fan to discharge the stagnant heat, odor and smoke in the factory.Meanwhile, the outdoor fresh air exchange with indoors to cool 37-41℉.

FRP Horn Fan

Industrial ceiling fan performance:

Industrial ceiling fans with PMSM motors or import geared motors to achieve low or free-maintenance. The noise is not less than 39dBA,  even almost wind sound during operation. Aviation materials ensure the industrial ceiling fans life, which generally exceed 10 years.
FRP horn fan performance:
The FRP horn fan adopts the direct-connected motor, which avoids the corrosion and wear of the belt,realizes the free-maintenance. Low noise, stable operation and large air volume. The blinds are designed to by air flow downstream principle, no need the electricity and personnel to shut down. The shell is made of FRP material, which can resist acid, alkali and corrosion,extend the  life.
Assume 53800ft2 to compare the energy consumption of ceiling fans and FRP horn fans:
1 set industrial fans power: 2.0hp.
8 sets FRP horn fans power: 1.4hp per set, total 11.8hp.

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