Ventilation in mobile accessories industry
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As a mobile phone manufacturer,due to the low price,it is no longer possible to get more profit of producing only mobile phones,so the accessories gradually become the main source of profit. Increasingly high demands on mobile phone accessories,it also promotes the popularity and selling of accessories. 

This mobile phone accessory company was established in 2005,specializing in the research, development,design and production of mobile phone cases and protective sleeves.It has two factories,one is case manufacturer.This plant covers more than 53819sq.ft and is divided into two workshops.One is professional injection plastic product,mobile phone case injection molding and mobile phone case mold manufacturing,another is focuses on mobile phone case appearance coating,mobile phone protective sleeve printing,has advanced automatic line,can achieve dust-free and bright mobile phones shell.The other is a warehouse,covering 10763sq.ft area,with supermarket-style shelves,so that employees can know the color and style of the phone case.

In recent years,in order to against the hot summer,the industrial large fans have been introduced as ventilation and cooling equipment.The diameter of this industrial fan is 24ft and can form the natural breeze airflow within a radius of 82ft to ventilation,cooling,anti-moisture,destratification and remove the dust.The industrial fan can achieve the overall cooling,while the energy consumption is low,it can achieve the cooling effect 41-46℉in summer,improve the work efficiency.
The coverage area of the industrial fan can exceed 50sets traditional pedestal fan with saving 90% energy.
Large industrial fans in high spaces such as workshops and warehouses has become the trend, and some newly built factories it has become standard configurations some new factories,which improve the environmental of the whole workshop.

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