Secrets on blade of industrial fan
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Industrial large ceiling fans are favored in large spaces such as factory workshops,warehouse, logistics,etc.Due to large volume and low energy. Different manufacturers of industrial ceiling fans are different. What are the factors affecting their performance?

The performance of industrial large ceiling fans is affected by many aspects, such as blade curvature, shape, numbers etc. These aspects affect and restrict each other.

At the same speed,the greater curvature of the blade, the bigger kinetic energy, the larger air volume and pressure, but the blade curvature has a range, when the ratio of arc height to chord length exceeds 0.1,this rule will be broken. The greater curvature, the larger resistance, so it requires more torque of the motor, and also puts forward higher requirements on the fan handle.
The shape of the blade has a great influence on the efficiency. The shape directly affects the vortex intensity near the blade, thereby affecting the fan efficiency. Therefore, improving the shape to have a better streamline shape and suitable bending angle will not only reduce the noise, but also improve the efficiency.
At present, the blades of industrial large ceiling fans mainly have two shapes of variable cross section and equal cross section.
Conform to aerodynamic equal chord length principle,the Streamlined Variable Cross-Section blade  narrows and thins from root to tip till tail then widen,more uniform
Blade length is equal with transverse section .High air resistance is not conducive to airflow, high energy consumption.
The reasonable of blade numbers is 5pcs,increase the blade number, under the constant rotation speed, the air volume can be increased. Or under the premise of obtaining the same air volume, the fan speed can be reduced, thereby reducing the noise. However, when the number is more than 6pcs, increasing the numbers will promote limited air volume , and will often have the negative effect on the noise reduction.
Excellent performance is inseparable from the design of industrial large ceiling fan blades. If you want excellent performance and long-lasting durability, you need to make a systematic comparison of various large industrial fan manufacturers.

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