The core component of Dawang fans
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The core component of Dawang large industrial ceiling fans has dynamical system,VFD and hub.
The dynamical system has NORD and PMS motor.The NORD geared motor has low noise and more safety.Passed CCC, CE, UL certification and free maintenance. The PMS motor only one-third volume of the traditional geared motor ,less 40% noise, saving more than 30% energy.

Top VFD, Schneider Electric Suit.

Streamlined variable cross-section blade,0.059''thickness 5052 aviation aluminum plate can load minimum 3Ton tensile to ensure the blades will not break when impacted.

The integrated hub adopts 7075 aviation grade aluminum through CNC lathe machining. 7075 aviation grade aluminum material has high mechanical properties and casting performance, that is, high strength,good toughness and fluidity, air tightness and thermal crack resistance can high-strength castings with complex shapes, suitable for various casting,for manufacturing aircraft and missile cabins that carry heavy loads Components.
After machining, max tolerance is 100μm,to ensure the dynamic balance,each hub will undergo an accurate dynamic balance test to ensure the large fan rotor has well balance performance, while also improving the safety.
The polite of the large industrial ceiling fan is made of high-strength magnesium-aluminum alloy. The tensile strength has been certified by the national quality inspection center. It has withstood millions of fatigue test,Completely solve the problem of fan blade falling caused by long-term metal fatigue fracture.
Dawang large industrial ceiling fans are jointly developed by well-known scientific research institutions and professional technical teams. After investigating similar products at home and abroad, combined with user’s feedback, breaking technical barriers and eliminating unsafe factors, we launch safe, energy-saving and intelligent fans.

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