Precautions for using industrial ceiling fan
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Ceiling fan is named because it is suspended on the ceiling. Industrial ceiling fan is installed on the beam like the ceiling fan.The industrial ceiling fan use bolts to fix the installation plate with the beam together,including concrete beam,I-beam, Round beam,steel beams and other structures,at the same time,wire ropes will be used to wind the connection seat with the beam to prevent the ceiling fan from falling.
Industrial ceiling fans need to be installed in vents. If there is no vent,it will affect its ventilation and cooling effect,especially in closed space.
Every year,The industrial ceiling fan needs to be tested before use every year.To check whether there are abnormal problems such as vibration,smoke,abnormal sound and odor.If an abnormal occurs,the ceiling fan should be stopped immediately,it must to find out the reason and repair.
Before using,you should check all components,such as extension,bolts,hubs and blades etc.If loosen,deformed or cracked or others,it need to be repaired and replaced in time.Every 2-3 years,you need to check the wear of the screws and pins.
Some workshops have large dust,and these dusts will also affect the working effect of industrial ceiling fans.
Traditional gear motor industrial ceiling fans need to add lubricating oil regularly,add the lubricating oil to the standard line.
When starting an industrial ceiling fan,some people are used to starting from the fast gear,and some people are used to starting from the slow gear.If the industrial ceiling fan has no quality problems,these two starting methods are fine.

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