What influences the air volume of ceiling fans?
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Large industrial ceiling fans are gradually popularized in workshops,warehouses,logistics, commercial places and other fields due to their advantages of large air volume and low energy consumption,which has contributed enormous power to our country's energy saving and emission reduction. So,what are the factors affecting the air volume of industrial ceiling fans?
Why do large industrial ceiling fans of the same diameter cover different areas? All due to the design of industrial ceiling fan.
The blades of large industrial ceiling fans on the market are partly of equal width section and partly of streamline variable section.The constant-width section blades maintain the same width from the root to tip,the streamlined variable-section blade gradually narrows from the root to the tip.Similar to the aircraft wing,this design is more fit to aerodynamic and the airflow is more uniform.
The larger the diameter, the greater the air volume,and the larger coverage.Dawanfans has varieties diameters,which can meet the users’ different requirements.
In the market, some fan blades have no upward angle.Dawangfans large industrial ceiling fan has upward 3degree.In this way,the industrial large ceiling fan can form a conical airflow when running.The industrial ceiling fan with this angle can increase 30% coverage area.Each fan can up to 1900 square meters coverage
For the factory,at the same power,the larger industrial ceiling fans,the larger air volume,which means that they can cover more area.The fewer large industrial fan used,the maintenance cost and electrical consumption will be less.

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