2019 Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise
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On April 24, 2020, Dawangfans was honor invited to 2019 advanced commendation conference by wuxi government.
The commendation conference sum up experience, report the advanced and display the results.

Encouraged to follow the advanced, learn the experience and mobilize the masses of party members and cadres in the street with hard work spirit ,realistic and pragmatic work. Work style, work hard, catch up with others,form a strong first-class atmosphere,make unremitting efforts to build the "four districts", promote the overall deployment of the "4331" work to build the "strong, rich and beautiful".

The director of street presided the meeting, the deputy secretary of the street Minfeng xu,read the communist Committee of Wuxi Huishan Yanqiao district Work Committee Wuxi Huishan Yanqiao Sub-district Office on the recognition of the advanced collectives and individuals in 2019 “Decision" and “Implementation Plan for Carrying out the Special Action for 2020”.
In this conference, Dawangfans was awarded the 2019 Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise. This honor was the result of hard work of all employees. It was highly appreciateby wuxi government.

The coronavirus has brought much new risks and challenges to enterprises' resumption ,objectively promoted the application and popularization of new technologies in many fields.

In the resumption of production, our company pay more attention to high-quality development, timely predict the market, study the trend, balance the production and sales.Be good at finding opportunities in danger according to the situation.In new technologies,industries,opportunities and models to win the future.

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