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The products delivery to customers depends not only on the quality, but also on the final stage of logistics and warehousing, such as food, tobacco, textiles, medicinal, chemical products, steel , hardware and some special storage requirements products.
If warehouse storage conditions is poor, it may reduce the quality, guarantee period reduced may cause lots of loss and waste, so the warehouse should keep air flow and good ventilation. According to the different storage .requirements, it should be moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-mildew, anti-deterioration and others. Besides, Once the product packaging wet and deformation, logistics storage will also become customer complaint. More and more attention to ventilation cooling equipment in modern warehouse logistics, you need more effective energy-saving warehouse ventilation equipment ----Dawang industrial ceilling fan.
Modern storage adopts roof axial fan to promote air circulation and exchange, not good effect, especially when the warehouse is too tall, only can form short air flow, and it can not exhaust the smell and wet fully .In general, logistic workers is large mobility and large working area, most area can not install small fans. It cause the workers low work effective ,bad working environment, adopt industrial energy-saving fan is necessary. 
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